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Jaimes Mckinney
Jul 14, 2017

I've been working with autoworks for years. They are the greatest company to deal with. They do amazing work and have extensive parts/product knowledge. I highly recommend if you need anything for your classic ride. Go see them or check out there website.

William Herbst
Jun 01, 2017

My exhaust hangars were worn out, pipes resting on my panhard brace, leaks at every clamp - the car had seen better days. I have lived in San Diego for just over a year and have been to two other big name shops. One replaced my clutch and left my exhaust unbloted when I picked it up. The other adjusted the exhaust off of my panhard brace during a rear end alignment, but within a week i was scraping on speed bumps and the exhaust was vibrating on my panhard brace again. I wanted the exhaust fixed and then put the car up for sale. Autoworks' work changed my mind. They didn't just adjust the exhaust and clamp it together, they took the time to make sure the exhaust fit how it was meant to. They replaced worn out hangars, drilled weepholes to get rid of the excessive water from running e85, welded on new tips to replace the tacky chrome Borla tips, and ensured there were zero leaks throughout the system. Matt and his team were great to work with: very personal and their communication during the process kept me calm. I couldn't be more pleased. My only regret about taking my car here is that I hadn't done so sooner.

Apr 07, 2017

Matt at Autoworks Parts guided me in doing a Tremec T5 transmission conversion to my ’63 Falcon, and took over the hydraulic clutch conversion for me. His experience in T5 conversions seems to be extensive and I am sure he saved me from lots of headaches if I had done the conversion the way I was told by another shop. Two friends and I installed the T5 in my garage, and during the installation I consulted with Matt several times. He was always happy to guide us through the process. We then trailered the car to Matt’s shop and he took over the clutch installation by modifying the clutch pedal to master cylinder linkage, and by building and welding in a shifter mount in the floor. I am completely satisfied with Matt’s expert work and I highly recommend Autoworks Parts.

Dominic Boull
Apr 06, 2017

Autoworks parts is a fantastic classic mustang shop here in San Diego! They do a fantastic job knowing what parts you need for your mustang. It seems like they know every nook and cranny of every year and make of Mustangs. If you're thinking of going to the Mustang Shoppe or Mustang Auto, Stop immediately and check out these guys!

Joe miller
Apr 05, 2017

Matt was so helpful and knowledgeable . Auto works is my go-to store for classic mustang needs

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